Suction Cups

Cetacean Research Technology manufactures both standard and custom suction cup attachment systems in addition to our basic "Eye Cups".

All suction cups are made from silicone, rated by the FDA as safe for food contact. The material will remain flexible down to at least -20C. These suction cups have been used on captive animals and in the wild on species ranging from belugas to dugongs to turtles. They provide the most gentle way to attach your instrumentation to cetaceans.

Standard suction cup types:

Basic suction "eye cup" - bottom view

Eye Cups - white silicone suction cups that are used for "blindfolding" cetaceans and temporarily attaching hydrophones to whales, dolphins, or other marine mammals.

Saddle suction cup on beluga

Saddle Cups - clear silicone suction cups with a mounting saddle for attaching various instrumentation tags to cetaceans ranging from belugas to blue whales.

EEG suction cups

Electrode Cups - We embed Grass Technologies electrodes into our clear silicone suction cups. We can also embed your electrodes in our suction cups if you prefer. Common configurations have been used for heart monitors and EEGs.

Wheel Cups, top and side view

Wheel Cups - are clear silicone suction cups with an embedded wheel that can be used to attach various instrumentation, such as a data logger.

Contact us for detailed specifications and pricing.