Hydrophone Systems Selection Guide

SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

Cetacean Research Technology provides a wide variety of hydrophone systems, so that we have something available for practically any application. Such a large combination of hydrophone systems can make a person feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, so we've put together this selection guide to help you focus in on the system that best fits your specific requirements. Once you've determined the system (or systems) you think will work best for you, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have.

We've grouped our hydrophone systems into five general usage (application-based) categories. Each category is associated with a symbol that can be used as a guide post while you’re surfing through our site. This can be helpful if, for example, you are reviewing a particular hydrophone system and want to compare it with other hydrophone systems in the same category. In this example, you can simply click the symbol to be taken to that category page.

Application Categories

To start your hydrophone system selection process, you can select one of the five application-based categories from the Hydrophone Systems menu at the top of the page or the symbols shown above, or you can select a system from the table below. The table can be particularly useful for anyone who may want to use a hydrophone system for multiple applications. Most of our hydrophone systems will be found within multiple categories.

In addition to this application-based hydrophone system selection guide, we have grouped some of our hydrophone systems according to recording function. Like the Application categories, the Recording Function categories are also indicated by a Symbol that is shown in table below and on individual Hydrophone System pages. You can select a Recording Function symbol to view a list of the systems that feature that function.

Recording Function

All Hydrophone System Models