Hydrophone Systems for
Recreational, Tourism, Education, Art

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Cetacean Research Technology produces low cost hydrophone systems designed for recreational, tourism, educational, and artistic use. These entry-level systems are easy to use and allow the user to start listening to the amazing world of underwater sounds within minutes. In addition, while these hydrophone systems comprise our entry-level offerings, they all provide a frequency range of more than twice that of human hearing, making them readily expandable to more demanding applications.

photo of the SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

The portable SQ26-H1 is the most compact underwater recording system that exists. The system includes the Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone, the Zoom H1 solid state digital recorder, and as you can see from the photo, quite a bit more

photo of the SQ26-H1B hydrophone

SQ26-H1B hydrophone

The SQ26-H1B is a general purpose hydrophone, great for kayaking and excursions. It may be paired with bluetooth headphones or other accessories more

photo of the CR1-UDP hydrophone system

CR1-UDP hydrophone system

The rugged construction and clear audio quality of the CR1-UDP makes this hydrophone system an ideal choice for the user who wants a step up from our other entry-level systems. This underwater listening system includes the excellent, multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone; and the USB Dual Pre, ¬†high quality dual portable preamplifier. A portable recorder can be added more

photo of nRUDAR-mk2 system


The Cetacean Research nano Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder (nRUDAR-mk2™) is a hand-held, very compact, short-term, autonomous underwater recording device with more than 4 days of continuous recording time more

drawing of the µRUDAR-mk2™ system


The Cetacean Research µRUDAR-mk2™ (micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder) is a compact, autonomous recording device that is designed for fast and easy deployment, with more than 16 days of continuous recording time more