Acclaim for Cetacean Research Technology

We love our customers so we also love it when they tell us how much they appreciate us. Thank You to all of you who have expressed your appreciation over the years. We'd like to share a few of the testimonials from our files...

From Guerrero, Mexico: When Katherina Audley, Founder and Director of the Whales of Guerrero Research Project called us for help with a hydrophone she was having problems with, we suggested ways for her to test it even though it was from another manufacturer. A few days later she called back and wanted to purchase our SQ26-VR hydrophone system (a predecessor of the SQ26-H1).

Here's her response after trying our hydrophone system for the first time:

"Oh.   My.   Goodness.   Gracious.    Your hydrophone is a miracle.    Wow.    Night and day.   The sounds!   The all of it!   Amazing. Thank you.  We are all so blown away. Thanks again."

xray of Cetacean Research C55 hydrophone inside a Stellar sea lion

From Vancouver, Canada: One of the two C55 hydrophones we bought from you in March was sucked out of its cavity in the side of one of the marine mammal habitats this summer by a female Steller sea lion--and eaten! more

From Florida: Cetacean Research Technology produces, in my opinion, the best plug-in power hydrophone [SQ26-08] under $300 out there. Specs aside, this thing just simply sounds fantastic to my ear, from recording loud sand dunes to very quiet fiddle crabs in South Florida. The frequency response is pretty healthy all across the board. Also, Joe is very knowledgeable about his craft and provides honest suggestions. I'm upgrading ASAP.

Erik DeLuca

From South Kohala, Hawaii: Thank you for creating the SQ26-MT underwater recording system. The sound quality is incredible! The system is very easy to use and takes up less room than a camera in our waterproof bag. We set up everything in minutes once we get out on the water.... more from Ema K.

From Ireland: Our new C54XRS has provided us with a versatile tool, having a wide frequency range with excellent sensitivity. The hydrophone is also very easy to deploy and retrieve and has very low power consumption, all important characteristics when using hydrophones for extended periods

I have used the hydrophone recently to record both Fin and Humpback whales and the performance is equally good when recording dolphin whistles...more from Biospheric Engineering

From Brazil: The work and commitment of Joe Olson allow the ecological and behavioral research of the cetaceans through the use of specific and innovative acoustic apparatus...more

From Australia: As customers, we could not have asked for more, when dealing with Cetacean Research Technology! The product itself fulfils all of our expectations... more

From Kona, Hawaii: Thanks for being so patient with us in understanding the hook up process of our new equipment. Your customer service goes above and beyond the call.

You have always been a pleasure to deal with on our various purchases. We have recommended many others to you and hope that has resulted in more people out there enjoying the wonderful creation we have been given to enjoy!

Mahalo nui loa from the Islands!

Leonora Prince
Kona Hawaii

From Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: I just want to let you know what an important part of our tours our hydrophone is. My clients love it and I often get comments about how much they enjoy listening to the songs of the humpback whales in it. The sound is so clear I have even been able to make some recordings using my cell phone.

But the best part of it all it has been the service that you provide. You went way out of your way to make sure I got the hydrophone when the shipping company made a mistake in the paper work and I was faced with extra monetary charges.

Finally, I understand just how important it is to have people actively working to protect cetaceans and the environment and I want to thank you for all of the work you do as well.

I look forward to continue our business relationship and now friendship as well.

Alfredo Herrera