Pro Audio Accessories

Cetacean Research Technology carries pro audio and other accessories for our line of hydrophones as well as for our signal analysis tools. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The following are selected accessories, many more are available.

TASCAM DR-680 6-channel portable recorder
TASCAM DR-680mkII 6-Channel Portable Recorder (replaces Edirol R44 4-channel portable recorder)
  • Records 6 channels at 24-bit/96kHz and 2 channels at 24-bit/192kHz sample rate
  • Records directly to a SDHC / SD memory card
  • specifications
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TASCAM HS-P82 8-channel portable recorder
TASCAM HS-P82 8-Channel Portable Recorder
  • 8 tracks of the highest quality recording; designed for the rigors of field recording with reliable solid-state performance
  • Great for high frequency hydrophone array data collection
  • Record at up to 4 channels of 24-bit/192kHz sample rate (4 channels of approx. 90kHz bandwidth recording)
  • TASCAM HS-P82 specifications
  • more
sample mini speaker
mini high fidelity speakers

Little speakers with a big sound.

Our rugged, water resistant, high fidelity mini speakers can be added to any hydrophone system

  • they connect to the headphone output of the recording device (or via Bluetooth with an optional upgrade).
  • fit in the palm of your hand
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waterproof EcoRox bluetooth speakers USB rechargable SoundBot bluetooth headphones
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Systems

Choose from a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones (or get both).

  • A bluetooth transmitter is included along with a waterproof case to protect a small voice recorder and the transmitter.
  • The EcoRox speaker includes a suction cup mount for attachment to a deck or a kayak or a boat; and floats if dropped into the water.
  • These systems also attach to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop... sound quality is great!
  • View Photos, more details
portable amplified speakers such as Samson Expedition
Portable Powered Speakers

Portable powered speakers are all-in-one portable amplified systems which can be hardwired or used with bluetooth. View photo, manuals, more

Art Dual Pre
Applied Research & Technology, ART USB Dual Pre, Preamplifier and Computer Interface

The USB Dual Pre is designed to work over a wide variety of applications from remote field recording to desktop/studio tracking. Each of the two low noise input channels has up to 48 dB of clean gain with signal present and clip LED indicators. Inputs can be either XLR balanced or 1/4-inch TRS. Each of the 1/4-inch TRS outputs is buffered low impedance balanced.

Download specifications    View photos, more

Reson VP1000 preamp
Reson VP1000

The Reson VP1000 is one of the most well recognized hydrophone preamplifiers. It includes 32dB of gain, an adjustable high-pass filter switch, and 100M Ohm input impedance. Download specifications

Reson VP2000 preamp
Reson VP2000

The Reson VP2000 includes the same features as the VP1000, plus an adjustable low-pass filter switch and 50dB of gain. Download specifications

Earthworks M30BX - High Definition Measurement Microphone
Earthworks M30BX High Definition Measurement Microphone
  • built-in battery powered preamp
  • Omnidirectional - 5Hz to 30kHz +1/-3dB
  • Excellent for recording high quality sounds and for measuring air-borne SPL
  • Works great for recording air-borne sounds from marine mammals and for making in-air sound pressure measurements
  • See manual for specs: download manual for M30BX microphone

CRT is an authorized dealer for all Earthworks high quality products.

Cetacean Research Dry Bags

waterproof case
Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases, such as the one shown, are available in both orange and black. Model depicted is in stock and all other models available within one week of order. More

hydrophone protection cage
Hydrophone Protection Cages

Protect your hydrophone with the Cetacean Research Technology Hydrophone Protection Cage. Easily added and removed, it can also be used to reduce flow noise. Our hydrophone protection cages come in two models More

For additional accessories see Signal Analysis Tools and Suction Cups.

If you're looking for the manual or specs for a pro audio accessory which used to be featured on this page, you may also wish to try discontinued accessories.