CR1 Hydrophone

Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophones are excellent multi-purpose hydrophones. The most recent release of the CR1 is the CR1A.

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Cetacean Research™ CR1A hydrophone

the Cetacean Research CR1 series hydrophones are excellent multi-purpose hydrophones and are customizable.

Various uses are detection & recording of very loud signals, listening & recording of quieter sounds like cetaceans, whale watching operations, and terrestrial applications.

  • This non-preamplified hydrophone is ideal for the detection and recording of very loud signals; such as those from pile driving, air guns, or underwater demolition operations.
  • In addition, the CR1 series can be used with an external preamplifier (such as the ART USB Dual Pre) for recording and listening to the quieter sounds of cetaceans and other underwater sources.
  • The CR1 series models also serve very well as a robust hydrophone for whale watching operations when used directly with a battery powered portable amplifier.
  • Terrestrial applications for the CR1 series hydrophones include vibration detection and use as a geophone.

The hydrophone comes with an extra tough, flexible coaxial cable. The cables can be terminated with either BNC or mono phone plug connectors. All CR1 series hydrophones are individually spot calibrated at the factory.

  • Cetacean Research™ CR1A Hydrophone
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1A Hydrophone
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1 Hydrophone
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1 hydrophone with cable.
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1 Frequency Response
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1 hydrophone beam pattern
  • Cetacean Research™ CR1-P, a custom CR1 hydrophone
  • ART USB Dual Pre
  • Expedition Portable Powered Speaker
  • Hydrophone Cage
  • top view of hydrophone cage

CR1A Hydrophone specifications
Linear Frequency Range (±3dB) [kHz] 0.00016 to 48
Usable Frequency Range (+3/-12dB) [kHz] 0.00005 to 68
Transducer Sensitivity [dB, re 1V/µPa] -199‡
Preamplifier Gain [dB] N/A
SPL Equiv. Self Noise at 1kHz [dB, re 1µPa/√Hz] 38 (< Sea State Zero)
Power Requirement [Vdc] N/A
RMS Overload Acoustic Pressure [dB, re 1µPa] N/A
Maximum Operating Depth [m] 500
Operating Temperature Range [°C] -25 to 60‡
Capacitance [nF] 12
Dimensions [mm] 85 L x 32 dia
Dimensions [mm] for models prior to Nov 2017* 73 L x 32 dia
Coaxial Cable Length [m] 15
Cable terminated with male BNC connector
(longer cable optional)
Directionality omnidirectional below 10kHz
Battery / Connector box power not required

Requires a preamplifier with 100MΩ input impedance, such as the Reson VP1000 or Reson VP2000 preamplifiers. If a typical preamplifier with 1MΩ input impedance is used then the low frequency -3dB point will be at 16Hz instead of 0.16Hz and the -20dB point will be at 1.6Hz instead of 0.016Hz.
CR1 hydrophones are individually spot calibrated at the factory; calibration guaranteed between -5ºC and 30ºC.


USB Dual Pre - portable preamp and computer interfaceReson VP1000 Reson VP2000

* In November 2017 we made a change to the encapsulation method used for the CR1, so the CR1A looks a little different and is slightly longer. The CR1A and CR1 are identical in performance.