Cetacean Research CR1-UDP
Hydrophone System

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CR1-UDP hydrophone system

Due to its rugged construction and clear audio quality, the  Cetacean Research  CR1-UDP is the recommended hydrophone system for commercial whale watching operators who have a sound system with an auxiliary input on their vessel (if not, we can provide a portable amplified speaker for you).

The system includes...

  • the excellent multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone, calibrated;
  • the USB Dual Pre, a full-featured, high quality dual portable preamplifier and computer interface.

Portable recorders can be added to the system. The TASCAM DR-22WL is a very good recorder to add to the CR1-UDP system.


CR1A hydrophoneUSB Dual Pre - portable preamp and computer interfaceTASCAM DR-22WL handheld recorder

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