Cetacean Research C75-200-SP
Hydrophone System

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C75-200-SP hydrophone system

The Cetacean Research C75-200-SP becomes a powerful and totally portable underwater noise recording, measurement and analysis system when interfaced with your laptop.

This system provides recording, as well as real-time and post-processing analysis of audio-band underwater signals and noise. Our C75-200-SP is a portable, self-contained system designed specifically to record underwater sounds while simultaneously monitoring and logging sound pressure levels and other sound level parameters.

The Cetacean Research C75-200-SP system includes...


C75 hydrophoneDAQ 200spectrogram of a recording of Springer (A73)

Looking for the Cetacean Research C57-1400ENV? The Cetacean Research C75-200-SP hydrophone system replaces it. This system is also available with the Cetacean Research C57 hydrophone or Cetacean Research C305 hydrophone upon request.

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