Portable Underwater Sound Recording System

Cetacean Research Technology SQ26-H1 Portable Underwater Recording Systems include a hydrophone; a digital recorder; a Bluetooth capable, high fidelity, mini, waterproof speaker; a waterproof, protective case; and several accessories.

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SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

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Demonstration of SQ26-H1

Fred playing flute for orcas at OrcaSing
2003-2015 OrcaSing Highlights

The versatile, portable SQ26-H1 is the most compact underwater recording system that exists.

The SQ26-H1-SP system includes everything listed above, as well as SpectraPLUS-SC signal analysis software. This entry-level system is our most affordable underwater sound monitoring and analysis tool.

The portable SQ26-H1 and SQ26-H1-SP underwater recording systems include...

Options include...

  • a Bluetooth transmitter for the standard waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • a larger Bluetooth speaker system with either headphones or with a waterproof speaker which can be attached to the deck of a kayak or boat with the included suction cup mount. Sound quality is excellent!
  • SpectraPLUS signal analysis software (included with the -SP system).
  • a hydrophone cage for protection, flow noise reduction

One of the cool things about this underwater recording system is that the hydrophone is powered by the Zoom H1n's plug-in power microphone jack.

striped dolphinhumpback whaleSQ26-08mini speakerZoom H1n handheld recorderwaterproof casebluetooth speakerspectrogram of a recording of Springer (A73)

Sample Recordings

  • On 30 March 2007, the SQ26-MT portable underwater recording system captured the fascinating sounds of humpback whales off Hawai'i Island's Kohala Coast - more
  • On 14 July 2007, the SQ26-MT portable underwater recording system was used to record Springer and her extended family as they returned to Dong Chong Bay on the 5 year anniversary of her release - more

The SQ26-H1 replaced the SQ26-MT. If you own the SQ26-MT and need to see the frequency response characteristics, see M-Audio MicroTrack II or Discontinued Accessories.

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