Cetacean Research CR3-200-SP
Hydrophone System

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CR3-200-SP hydrophone system

The  Cetacean Research CR3-200-SP is a broadband and portable underwater noise recording, measurement, and analysis system when interfaced with your Windows laptop. With a linear frequency response from 25Hz to 92kHz (usable from 10Hz to 93kHz), this system provides recording, as well as real-time and post-processing analysis of audio-band and ultrasonic underwater signals and noise. 

Because this system can withstand very large signals without overloading (up to 230dB), it is ideal for measuring extremely loud noises such as those produced by pile drivers, air guns, low-frequency and mid-range sonar, and explosives.

The system includes...


CR3 hydrophoneDAQ 200spectrogram of a recording of Springer (A73)

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