Sound Technology ST192-MIC USB interface

The ST192-MIC has been replaced. Please see Signal Analysis Tools for our current recommendations. The following is retained for reference.

Sound Technology's ST192-MIC is a professional audio-acoustic USB computer interface.

image of front and back of Sound Technology ST192-MIC

The ST192-MIC (SoundMIC) is a professional self-powered USB AudioAcoustic interface combining new technologies and philosophies to provide all the direct-to-PC connections you need to record, playback, analyze and monitor high-quality audio.

The ST192-MIC is perfect for laptop users! Small size, light weight, ruggedized high-impact case incorporates just the right combination of Acoustic and ProAudio connections. The hot swappable/self-powered USB design utilizes a proprietary isolated, preconditioned, and regulated power supply scheme - optimized to maintain the highest signal integrity and performance regardless of environment. A buffered stereo output is provided to interface to the user system and the built-in high-quality headphone output is ideal for a truly professional monitoring experience for mixing, recording, live sound or audio test.

The ST192-MIC has been replaced. See Signal Analysis Tools for our current recommendations.

note: page retained for reference.